326 Madison Avenue Mankato, Minnesota (507) 387-2562 Rhapsody Music

Serving the musical instrument needs of Southern Minnesota since 1985, Rhapsody Music has been a Mankato staple for 32 years.

Owned and operated by musicians, Rhapsody Music features a knowledgeable and courteous staff to assist you with all of your music needs from curious beginners to seasoned pros.


Specializing in, but not limited to guitars, drums and keyboards, Rhapsody Music carries a full line of new and used equipment and accessories for solo musicians, DJs and complete bands.

From picks, sticks, straps and strings to stage lighting, PA systems and home recording equipment, Rhapsody Music is your one stop shop for all things that rock!







Howard Mock is the Owner/Operator of Rhapsody Music. Driven by the desire to improve the Mankato music scene, he opened the store in 1985. He performs with groups such as Sandra Lee and The Velvets and Powerhouse around Mankato and Southern Minnesota.




Jason Madson is Howard's right hand man and has been working at Rhapsody for 17 years. His passion for service and helping his fellow musician make him an essential member of the Rhapsody team. Performing with groups such as the Gin Daddy's and Local Distortion, he has made quite a mark on the Mankato music scene.



Val has been a Mankato townie for over 25 years, moving here specifically for the Mankato music scene. He's been an active musician for nearly 35 years and has traveled coast to coast with several touring bands. In addition to performing with his bands regularly, Val also enjoys home recording and music production. Val is also a self-confessed geek and hobbiest of many things Horror and Science-Fiction related.




Logan has been going to Rhapsody his whole life. He began taking lessons at age 12 and started working at the store when he turned 16. He's becoming quite the musician, playing with local church bands and Parked in Neutral. He'll be attending MSU, Mankato, so plan to see more of him around Rhapsody for years to come!




Jenny has been teaching for 15 years, she is classically trained at Gustavus Adolphus college.  Has been with Rhapsody Music for over three years and the piano program has flourished with her direction.  With an extensive knowledge of theory she can find a way to reach any student.




Bill Kindler has been a great teacher at Rhapsody for many years. He not only teaches, but performs in the aptly named band, Billy and the Bangers.




Cayle Wendorf is the newest member of the rhapsody Family. He is a Junior at MNSU working to earn his Music Industry BS Audio Production Specialist degree. On top of that he is a serious member of the Maverick Machine Drumline and Maverick Lab Jazz Band. Cayle is influenced by many styles like Rock, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. He is hoping one day to be one of the greatest drummers like his idol's John Bonham and Buddy Rich, and Tour all around the world.

Zak has played with original and cover bands for 27 years, and taught guitar and cello for most of that.  He was a Music student of MSU Mankato, and played with the Mankato Symphony and the Saint Paul Civic Symphony.  At Rhapsody you'll find him in the lesson room, web guru, or on the floor.  Outside the shop interests are film, photography, audio, and motorcycles.






Steve!  Resident Taylor Expert.

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