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B5R:  Straight-ahead power and tone that let you rock like a world class act - even before the royalty checks roll in. When you're ready to BE a player, crank out the powerful textured sound that gets you there.

The 500-watt B-5R is designed to take the B-Series premise one step further. Not only great, plug-and-play sound for the clean channel, but channel switch or blend in an awesome overdrive sound. The integral variable Octave doubler expands your playing horizons for special effects or tone extension.


BA112:  Whether you’re looking for a small, high-quality combo for personal practice and rehearsal, or a highly portable alternative to your main rig, the BA112 packs a lot of Ampeg into its compact frame. The most lightweight and portable of the Bassamp Series, the rugged BA112 features a 50-Watt output section and a single 12" Ampeg speaker.

Tone is the name of the game, and no matter what you’re looking for, the Style Control puts absolute tone at your fingertips. With five presets to choose from, and the tone-sculpting capabilities of an onboard 3-band EQ, you’ll find your sound night after night, gig after gig.

Innovative, versatile and great sounding, the BA112 combo incorporates a tilt-back, monitor-style enclosure, making it perfect for the stage and the studio. The RCA inputs are ideal for playing along with an MP3 or CD player, and you even can plug in headphones for "silent-running" mode. The BA112 —solid Ampeg, through and through.




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