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One look at the long list of artists who endorse Epiphone and you know they make superior instruments. Bob Dylan has used many Epiphone acoustic guitars during his career and country star, Paul Brandt, gave away a custom Epiphone Hummingbird acoustic to a lucky fan every night of his 2011 tour. John Lennon’s Casino E230TD was first used on the album "Revolver" and quickly became his main stage and studio guitar. Paul McCartney performed the song "Yesterday" on the Ed Sullivan Show playing his 1964 Texan FT-79 acoustic and still uses that same guitar to play that same song when he performs today. Having so many vocal advocates is a true testament to the quality workmanship of Epiphone products. Epiphone is known for delivering balanced sound and exceptional quality and that’s what you can expect from the Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar. This dreadnought-styled instrument has a classic look, and its spruce top and mahogany body produce a classic, clear sound that will only get better year after year. One of Epiphone’s best sellers is the DR-100 Acoustic Guitar. This instrument delivers a commanding sound when needed while allowing you to be heard, and hear yourself, at any volume.

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