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CD60CE Mahog

CD60 CE Nat


CD60 Mahog


CD60 CE Nat Lefty

CD100 Nat Lefty

CDE 220 Ash Burl


CD60 Blk

CD60 Nat

Kingman SCE Jumbo

Elvis Kingman

Sonoran SCE Candy Apple

Sonoran SCE Lefty

Fender makes acoustic guitars for every kind of player. If you’re a beginner, check out options such as the Fender DG-60 Acoustic Guitar or the CD100 Acoustic Guitar. Instruments such as these offer durable construction and rich tones, making them fantastic entry points for aspiring musicians. If you’re a lefty, Fender offers the CD100 Left- Handed Acoustic Guitar, which means you can learn your craft without the added hassle of playing a right handed guitar strung upside down. Maybe you’re interested in performing with an instrument that pays tribute to your favorite band or artist? If so, the Tony Alva Sonoran or Elvis Kingman might be what you’re after. Guitars such as these are made with input from the artists they are designed for, giving you the opportunity to capture their signature sound.

Tony Alve Sonoran

CD60 CE blk

CN320 AS

Paramount PM-3

Paramount Dreadnought

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