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Peavey Bass Amps in stock:


TNT 115

Max 160

2x12 cab

The 7-band EQ on the Peavey TNT 115 1x15 200W Bass Combo Amp lets you reach any tone you can imagine. 200W RMS @ 2 ohms and 150W RMS @ 4 ohms drive a 15" Blue Marvel speaker and horn-loaded tweeter. Features include an active/passive input select switch, pre- and post-gain controls, and a bright boost switch. Other controls include a contour EQ switch, high and low shelving-type tone controls, 7-band graphic EQ with in/out switch and a footswitch-controlled EQ effects loop. DDT speaker protection circuit with defeat switch. Status LED indicates power on (green) and DT active/clip (red). Low noise, electronically balanced XLR output—pre EQ. Ground lift switch for XLR output. Thermal, over-current, and DC crowbar protection circuits. External speaker and headphone jacks.

This head's preamp was originally produced as a tube/solid state bass preamp and has been incorporated into the Max Series to create an amp that delivers solid performance. Great for rehearsal, stage, or even outdoor gigs where you need extra volume without sacrificing tone. The built-in DDT speaker protection circuitry ensures years of trouble-free performance.

Used Peavey 2x12 Bass Cabinet

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