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A modernized Telecaster for the 21st century!Fender™s American Deluxe Telecaster features an improved compound-radius fretboard for smooth bends all along the neck. Staggered locking tuners provide stable tuning for those behind-the-nut bends. Improved N3 noiseless pickups produce shimmering Telecaster tones without the hum. Other high points include S-1 switching for a huge variety of switching options, bound-top body with belly cut and beveled neck heel, and chrome brass saddles for the bridge. Also included is a new molded SKB case with TSA locks, made exclusively for Fender. Fender N3 Noiseless pickups N3 Noiseless pickups offer the best of vintage and modern tones, because they provide that characteristic Fender sound and response without the annoying single-coil hum. Utilizing an innovative stacked coil design, they are voiced for each Tele pickup position, with the insulated metal core of each type differing in materials and construction for improved tone, with an Alnico 5 magnet for the bridge pickup, an Alnico 2 for the middle pickup, and an Alnico 3 in the neck position. Use the drop-down menu above and to the right to choose colors and other options.

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