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Located at the bottom of  Madison Avenue hill in Mankato, Rhapsody's 32 years of experience will help you find what you need, beginner or pro.  Call us about instruments, repairs, lessons, installs, sticks, strings, and accessories.

Whats New! ABOUT US - Staff and Teachers Customer Reviews

Always keep an eye on our USED PAGE, as we have over a hundred items in all categories, and diligently update it weekly!  There you will find these three featured guitars, and many other items for less than new.

We are now carrying an enhanced selection of headphones, by CAD.  We've carried their great mics for some time, and the headphones carry the same quality.  Plug your phone or ipod into our display and give them a shot!  Prices from $19-$100.

Kenny Wayne introduces the new Fendsr American Professional Series Strats.  Marlon Williams the Tele:

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