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Services and Repairs

Rhapsody Music is a full service repair shop.  From routine maintenance to custom modification to your guitar or bass, Rhapsody has you covered with standard repairs such as;  

  • String changes
  • Neck adjustments
  • Pickup changes
  • Advanced setup and adjustment
  • Nut and bridge replacements
  • Custom electronics configuration

Rhapsody also services;

  • Keyboards (call ahead of time for diagnosis)
  • P.A. gear
  • Guitar and bass amplifiers
  • Wired and wireless microphone systems
  • Drum tuning and head replacement

Our world-class service is not exclusive to the brands we sell.  We offer warranty services on most brands we sell and non warranty repairs on gear we don't sell.     

And don't forget to ask about our lifetime service agreement with the purchase of your next guitar or bass!

-​Standard Labor Rate $90 per hour ($45 minimum)
this includes guitar set ups, speaker and amp repair, electronic piano repair, drum head replacement, etc.
-Out of Store Service calls $100 per hour
-Restrings $20 for standard six string bridges/ $50 for Floyd Rose/ $40 for 12 String guitars/ $5 for individual string (plus the cost of the string)
-Truss rod adjustments $12
-Strap Button Install $25

If you have any questions about our repair shop feel free to give us a call or stop by the store and don't forget to ask our employees about our LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT!
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