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Effects Pedals and Multi Effects Processors
When it comes to building a pedal board its nice having a wide variety of pedals to choose from, that's why brands like Boss, Dunlop, and NU-X do an excellent job of making sure you have the right tool for the right job! 
(Below are just SOME of the MANY pedals we have on hand/ all USED pedals will be listed on our USED page)
Over the years Boss has dominated the pedal market with their wide range of versatile and legendary tones. From the mighty Metal Zone to the oh so popular TU-3 Tuner. Boss has a pedal for just about any genre, any song, and any setup!
Chromatic Tuner TU-3
From the affordability to the amazing selection, NU-X has been turning heads with their long line of amazing products that don't break the bank! With a long line of quality pedals to their wireless systems, NU-X is a great option when looking to save a little with still having a wide range of pedals to choose from!

Mini Tuner Pink
Multi Effects
Wanting to break free from all of the power adaptors and annoying patch cables? Looking for an "all in one workhorse", well we have the fix for you! Multi effects processors like the ME-90 and GX-100 are great options when looking for something that can do it all and on the go! From a endless plethora of effects pedals and amp models, multi-effects processors are the way of the future for many guitarists!

Whether its Hendrix, Slash, EVH, SRV, or even the classics. We like to carry a wide range of Wah pedals so that you the player are able to reproduce those distinctive Wah-Wah tones!

Boss GX-100
Original Cry Baby 
Got Power? Be sure to stock up on power adaptors and patch cables to keep your pedal board up and running!
Looking for a wireless system and not looking to spend a ton? Well the NU-X B-5RC is an affordable wireless system that works great for whether you're jamming out in the basement to smaller gigs. At $149 the B-5RC includes a rechargeable case, up to 15 hours playing time, 100 ft operation range, and the best part of all is you don't need a bulky receiver. This wireless unit comes in two parts one that will plug directly into the guitar and the other into your pedal board or amp.  
NUX wireless1.jpg
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