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You want them? We have them!  Rhapsody Music Carries the hottest guitar and bass amps on the market.  Don't believe us?  CHECK IT OUT...

Amps In Stock:

Fender Amps
-Frontman 20  -Champion 20  -Champion 40  -Champion 50XL  -Champion 100  -Mustang LT25
-Mustang LT50  -GTX50 -GTX100  -Bass breaker7  -Bass breaker30  -Pro Reverb
-Blues JR Tweed  -Blues JR Black   -Hot Rod Deluxe  -Super Sonic 
-Princeton Reverb 
-Tone Master Princeton Reverb  -Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde
-Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Black
-ToneMaster Twin Reverb  -Tone Master Super Reverb
-Rumble LT25  -Rumble 25  -Rumble 40 -Rumble 100  -Rumble 200

Boss Amps
-Katana 50 MKII  -Katana MINI

Orange Amps
-Crush 12  -Crush 20RT  -Crush 35RT  -Crush MINI  -Micro Terror  -Micro Dark
-Super Crush 100 Solid State Head  -Crush 60

Peavey Amps
-Audition  -Backstage II  -VYPER 1  -VYPER 2  -Classic 20 Head  -Classic 30 Combo  -Mini Mega Bass Head

Vox Amps

Acoustic Amps
-Fender Acoustasonic 15  -Fender Acoustic 100  -Fender Acoustic JR 
-Fishman Loud Box MINI  -Boss Singer Live  -Boss Singer Pro  -Boss AC22LX    

All of our used amps will be found on our used page!

Featured Amps
Orange Super Crush 100
Tonal versatility at its finest! This 100 Watt Solid State head packs all the punch and grit that you know and love about Orange Amplifiers! With built in reverb, effects loop, and simple to use structure, this amp is the perfect option when looking to a performance worthy head without the the hassle of tubes!
-100 Watts @ 8ohm/ 70 Watts @ 16ohm
-2 Channel Clean/ Dirty (foot switchable/ switch is NOT included)
-Built in spring reverb/ built in FX loop
-Balanced XLR line out w/ cab sim
Fender GTX100 w/ Footwswitch
When it comes to a modeling amp that can meet the needs of most modern players, the Fender GTX 100 sticks out as one of the top dogs on the market! From its vast amount of all the effects and amps that Fender offers to the wide range of in/ out functions such as XLR line outs, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB. This affordable musical machine works great for both in the practice room and on stage! 
-100 Watts
-XLR (stereo line outs)
-12'' Celestion G12FSD-100 Speaker
-200 User presets available
-Footswitch included
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