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Featured Amps


Fender's Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde amplifier uses digital processing to achieve a remarkable sonic feat: faithfully modeling the circuitry of an original Deluxe tube amp. The headroom, dynamic range, and touch sensitivity of a vintage Deluxe tube amp is authentically achieved. Its pine cabinet is paired with a single Celestion® NEO Creamback speaker for a distinctive rock 'n' roll flavor - all at nearly half the weight of the all-tube original. The amp model has several modern upgrades such as the ability to remove the virtual bright cap on the Vibrato channel, adding tonal flexibility when using distortion. Additionally, a reverb control provides fine tuning at lower settings.

Fender's new Mustang GTX 50 is packed with features, and the tastiest tones. Hosting 200 presets and dozens of effects, your sound is fully customizable. Both WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, this amplifier boasts modern connectivity which'll only get better with time as Fender updates its software. With stereo line out, and FX send / return channels, this amp is ready for studio to stage!