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Boulevard UKULELE party COMING SOON!!! This May we will be hosting two 45 minute Ukulele lessons and a after party jam (more info to come soon). 
In addition to this good news we are also extending our storewide sale and now including all ukuleles and chord charts in addition to our great low prices!!! 
(ask an employee for further details)

Looking to get into drums?! Well the Pearl Roadshow is an affordable yet exciting way to start out. This bundle deal comes with everything you need to get started into the world of drumming. The Roadshow comes with a full 5 piece drumset with a crash/ ride cymbal, set of hi-hats, throne, hardware, and a carrying bag along with two sets of drumsticks! So what are you waiting for?!?! Come on in and get started on your drumming journey today!

Looking for a great playing acoustic but don't want to break the bank? The OG10 Series from Oscar Schmidt is an affordable but great sounding acoustic/electric and you even get your choice of color! 
We also now carry Walden Acoustic guitars! With their scalloped bracing and graphite reinforced neck, Walden acoustics come in all different shapes and styles from Dreadnoughts to Baritones!

Peavey PVX Bluetooth series

-DSP control for precise crossover, EQ and limiting functions
-Bluetooth input is via a dedicated input channel
-Two-way bi-amped sound reinforcement enclosure
-Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grilles, with powder coat finish
Perfect for live musicians, DJs, Karaoke, and commercial/ at home audio 

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