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Rhapsody Music has everything you need to start recording in your own home!  Right now it is easier than ever to produce your own music!  From studio mics to interfaces, monitors to headphones, Rhapsody Music has what you need.
Featured Items
The Scarlett 2i2 audio interface from Focusrite has become an industry standard when it comes to home recording and using an audio interface. The 2i2 allows two dual input sources for both instrument and microphone (1/4" and XLR) accompanied by two outputs on the back of the interface to allow the user to hear their monitors. Packed with recording software like Ableton Live Lite, this interface is a great starting point to record from your own bedroom!
The Novation Launchkey 25 is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live as well as other DAWs, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Made for creators of all abilities, Launchkey into a powerful centerpiece of any music-making setup.
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