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Rhapsody carries a wide variety of different stringed instruments. 
From dobros to banjos, Rhapsody will do our best to carry all of your bluegrass needs.

Beyond bluegrass instruments Rhapsody also carries a wide range of ukuleles! From Fender, Stagg, Epiphone, Diamond Head, to our best sellers Luna, we will get you fitted with a great sounding uke at an even better price! 
Rhapsody also has Ukulele packs that include other accessories like a gig bag, clip on tuner, and chord chart! Or if you need these uke essentials we also have tuners, gig bags, straps, and even sheet music to get you started on your uke journey!
After finding the perfect banjo, mandolin, or any other of our beautiful bluegrass instruments. Make sure to check out our selection of finger picks, straps, cases, chord charts, and sheet music! Or swing by the counter to get yourself signed up for some one on one lessons with our phenomenal teaching staff!
Monthly Picks
Luna Vista Deer Concert
-Koa Body
-Padauk MOP Koa Spalted Maple Abalone Quilted Mahogany Blackwood top
-Fishman Kula preamp
-Walnut Bridge and Fretboard
With a unique design and quality parts, this Uke is great for both entry level players to invested pros!
  Fender Strat Uke
So you play guitar and want to rock the ukulele? Well now you can with this Strat style Uke from Fender! This bad boy comes packed with a Fender designed preamp which includes a built in tuner, easy to hold body, and iconic Stratocaster design! 

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