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Lessons are available on most every instrument we sell.  Guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice lessons.  Lessons are all individualized.  Learn what you want to learn, at your own pace with just you and your instructor.  Lessons are one half-hour per week at $18.00 per lesson, with NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS, and you can start when you want.  SIGN UP TODAY, START TODAY!!!  The expert instructors at Rhapsody Music, will have you performing at top level in no time.  Call today or stop by the store and sign up!

Meet the Intsructors

Bill Kindler has been a great teacher at Rhapsody for many years. He not only teaches, but performs in the aptly named band, Billy and the Bangers.
Jenny has been teaching for 15 years, she is classically trained at Gustavus Adolphus college.  Has been with Rhapsody Music for over three years and the piano program has flourished with her direction.  With an extensive knowledge of theory she can find a way to reach any student.
Cayle Wendorf is the newest member(not anymore, see right) of the rhapsody family. He is a Junior at MNSU working to earn his Music Industry BS Audio Production Specialist degree. On top of that he is a serious member of the Maverick Machine Drumline and Maverick Lab Jazz Band. Cayle is influenced by many styles like Rock, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop. He is hoping one day to be one of the greatest drummers like his idol's John Bonham and Buddy Rich, and Tour all around the world.

Noah Battles