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Lessons are available on most every instrument we sell.  Guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice lessons.  Lessons are all individualized.  Learn what you want to learn, at your own pace with just you and your instructor.  Lessons are one half-hour per week at $20.00 per lesson or one hour at $40.00 per lesson, with NO CONTRACTS, NO COMMITMENTS, and you can start when you want.  SIGN UP TODAY, START TODAY!!!  The expert instructors at Rhapsody Music, will have you performing at top level in no time.  Call today or stop by the store and sign up!

Meet the Intsructors

Zach is our drumset teacher here at Rhapsody. He attends Minnesota State University for music education where he has performed with a number of ensembles from drumline and marching band to jazz bands and world percussion ensembles.
Jenny has been teaching for 15 years, she is classically trained at Gustavus Adolphus college.  Has been with Rhapsody Music for over six years and the piano program has flourished with her direction.  With an extensive knowledge of theory she can find a way to reach any student.
Chase is one of our guitar/piano instructors here at Rhapsody. He holds a master's degree from North Dakota State University and has co-founded Minnesota-based groups as well as directed various praise and church groups too. Chase has great teaching experience with public school programs over the years too. Overall, Chase would be a well-seasoned teacher for any student learning guitar and/or piano. 
Tanner is another one of our guitar/piano instructors here at Rhapsody. Tanner is well-known working singer/songwriter in Mankato, but also plays shows all over Minnesota and the Midwest as a whole. Overall, Tanner's experience and passion can encourage and teach any students to come his way.
Erika is our vocal instructor here at Rhapsody. Erika has pursued vocal performance at Minnesota State University - Mankato. She has experience as musical director in church in Mankato as well and is an absolute professional in her craft. Erika would be a great fit for any singer who would like to develop their voice.